Big muscle dudes Spencer Reed’s huge dick fucks hairy hunk Tibor Wolfe’s hot hole

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Titan Men says: It’s a hot day and the sun is beating down on worker Spencer Reed who is soaked in sweat.

As he struggles to breathe, the big muscle hunk stops for a break as his raging hormones take over.

Spencer feels his sweaty chest and armpits, sniffing and licking his fingers, then unleashing his already erect dick.

Hairy chested co-worker Tibor Wolfe sees Spencer jerking his hard-on and he makes for the hung muscle man.

Tattooed and hairy Tibor drops down to feast on Spencer’s meat, his impressive work caught in great profile shots.

Spit strands form on verbal Spencer’s cock as Tibor opens wide.

The two kiss, as their dicks graze, and Spencer soon returns the favor on Tibor’s big slab as spit slides down the veiny shaft.

Tibor sits his hole on Spencer’s tongue as the two stroke-out their loads, soaking Spencer’s giant quad muscle.

After the two share another boner-throbbing kiss, Tibor bends over.

After slurping and fingering him, Spencer pile-drives the begging Tibor—who stays stiff as he gets rammed.

Soon on his back, the bottom gets filled some more as Spencer steadily slides his cock all the way out and in—with Tibor’s ass lips tightly clinging to the shaft.

The two stand to stroke out two more loads, their bristly chins rubbing as a hot kiss ends the encounter.

Watch FULL MOVIE here!


Watch FULL MOVIE here!


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Naked Dudes Sex Pics
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