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Freshmen says: This is Benny Saverin’s first scene, so expect him to be a little “rounded on the corners” as I sometimes put it. What he lacks in physical conditioning he more than makes up for in sexual energy. He is a natural born sexual performer with boyish charm and impatience to get the (blow) job done. I hope you like him as much as we do and clearly Gino Mosca does, or we’ll be forced to sell him to an Afghan warlord to defray costs. Read the full story here

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Freshmen says: We’ll give him this: He tried. But there was no way Sven Basquiat was ever going to convince Peter Annaud to become a vegetarian. Like any great salesman, he knows his audience, enticing Peter with the allure that vegetarianism will give him “More energy for sex”. All this sex talk makes Sven hungry for the one piece of “meat” he’ll consume the one between Peter’s legs. Peter elects to demonstrate the advantages of carnivorous desires on Sven by fucking the cum out of him. He then shoots out a hefty dose of animalistic protein over Sven’s eager hole. Read the full story here

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Freshmen says: After last week’s authentic but small dicked special, we decided to make up for it with this XL special. The first qualifying scene is with Jack Harrer and Justin Saradon and even though Justin is not the best deep throater that we have he more than makes up for it in the rest of the scene. Our reviewer gave this scene an A+…. but then again, maybe he is just a size queen. Read the full story here